Press Shop.

Plant Swindon produces over 300 different pressed parts for the MINI body shell. There are 14 fully automated press lines including four steel coil blanking lines, which are used for production, incorporating a total of 50 modernised individual presses. The pressing power of the equipment ranges from 400 up to 5,000 tonnes.

All presses have been thoroughly revised, automated and equipped with the latest electronic control systems for production of the MINI. The appropriate press is used in each case according to the size and complexity of the pressing involved. The front and rear closures on the MINI for example, are pressed into shape on the longest tandem press line involving a total of six different pressing stages: from a flat piece of steel sheet all the way to the fully formed, outer skin.

For the MINI Clubman, particularly large body components such as the roof and the side frame panels go through a large four operation transfer press with a pressing force of 5,000 tonnes.