Process Flow.

Coils are delivered by plant process partner Preymesser through a just-in-time process. The plant consumed about 3,200 coils in the last year, each being an average weight of 18 tonnes. A 20-tonne steel coil used to produce bonnet panels is around 2,000m long and will produce around 1,200 parts.

The blanking lines can process steel coil and cut blanks at up to 115 metres per minute, and can also produce up to 4 parts per press stroke.

The various 'Tandem' and 'Transfer' press lines run at different speeds depending on the facility and the type of parts being produced. The fastest large transfer line runs at up to 18 parts per minute and the quickest small line runs at up to 25 parts per minute.

Parts are mostly produced in maximum batch sizes equivalent to 1 week of Oxford production or less, allowing minimum stock holding across the process chain.

Parts are welded and 'hemmed' together to create complete body assemblies.