Plant Oxford prides itself on the partnerships that it is involved with in the local community.

It is a long-standing supporter of Cowley Road Carnival, which is a huge event focused around East Oxford but attracting tens of thousands of visitors from across the county and beyond. This year, the Carnival helped to celebrate 100 years of car-making in Oxford with its theme, Wheels of Change.

The plant has also supported Oxford's Christmas Light Night lantern procession for four years, which involves hundreds of school children making willow lanterns that are then carried through the city's historic centre. This year the factory hosted a lantern-making workshop for teachers so that they could take their new skills back to theior schools to help pupils construct their lanterns - on the theme of Morris's Marvellous Machines.

Other recent partnerships include Pegasus Theatre's MESH project, which was an international youth arts festival dedicated to forging better cultural understanding. And in 2010, we supported the CIAO! Ark project, which was all about asking young people to create their vision of a low carbon future.