Sustainable Production.

The BMW Group was the first major automotive producer to achieve the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 and the company's UK operations are committed to playing their role in promoting good environmental practice.

In 2007, Plant Oxford initiated a new 'Environmental and Economic Optimisation Strategy' named 'E2OS'. The focus of this initiative includes; energy supply, production processes, waste reduction and recycling.

The E2OS project has continued to grow in importance, as Plant Oxford's main focus for delivering environmental improvements, understanding usage, and improving the ways in which waste is removed. 

Through understanding the supply requirements - what will be used, the Plant can actively choose sources that will be both environmentally, and economically effective.

Plant Oxford's Paintshop has initiated a range of projects in order to become more efficient, reduce waste and conserve energy. These projects have collectively delivered a 15GWh /an reduction, saving circa 4000 tonnes of CO2 in a full year.

Similarly, Plant Oxford has reduced waste to landfill from 12.2 kg/unit in 2008, down to 6.6kg/unit in 2011.  This has been achieved by a range of measures, including recently sending to a waste to energy plant.